Friday, 27 October 2017

Germs, germs, germs!

This week we learned about germs. They are EVERYWHERE even though we can't see them.
Mrs Law used a water spray so that we could feel how far a sneeze goes (amazingly far - yuck!) and we talked about other times we get germs on our hands. We then did an experiment with glitter germs to find out how well we need to wash our hands to get rid of them.

The day the firetruck came to Linwood Avenue School

As part of our Heathy Heroes unit this term, the fire service were invited to come and talk to us about keeping ourselves safe. They talked to us about their job, the clothes and equipment they wear, what we need to do if we experience a fire and we even got to have a go of their hose! It was AWESOME! 

Spring is here!

We are so thankful for some blue skies and sunshine after the wet winter we have had. It was great to get out and explore the first signs of spring. We looked, listened, smelled and touched these, then drew them and brainstormed adjectives to describe them. Then we wrote our own 'Spring is here' poems.
Have a look here: