Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Handa's Surprise

We have LOVED our art topic this term - learning about primary colours and mixing them to form new secondary colours. We have added white to make a tint or black to make a shade of our original colour.

Over the term we have produced some amazing artworks (shown on our previous blog posts) as well as stunning flowers used in a collaborative class artwork. This week has been no exception to the high standard of work created!

We read the story of Handa's Surprise - see the story here. We then looked at, smelled and tasted the fruit that featured and used this experience in our writing. Finally we chose one of the fruits to paint for our end of term Art Exhibition. We learned about the technique called 'pointillism' used by many French painters in the last century and used this when creating our fruit masterpieces.

Many thanks to all of you who were able to come and see our artwork in the hall. For those who didn't manage to see it, here are our individual artworks that we showed:

And here is our finished collaborative artwork:

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Mix it up...

Following on from our work on primary colours, we looked at which colours are created when we mix two primary colours together. We made colour wheels and found that when we mixed blue and yellow we got green, yellow and red created orange and blue and red made purple. As we have had lots of rain recently we cut the wheels into umbrella shapes and made rain pictures, using blue dye splatters to create the rain.

We then read the book, 'Mix it up!' by Hervē Tullet about secondary colours.

We loved this book and decided to make our own class versions which we now have in our reading corner. We feel very proud to be authors of real books!