Wednesday, 16 August 2017

There are three primary colours.....

This week we have been learning about colour. We found out that red, yellow and blue and the three 'starter' colours, or 'primary colours'. We looked at some art produced by the American artist Jackson Pollock; he created 'action paintings' using splatters and drips of paint. We were inspired by him and created our own Jackson Pollock style splatter artworks using primary colours. It was a bit messy but great fun!

Here are the finished artworks:

We then looked at another painter who used primary colours - the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. We looked at the shapes he used in his paintings and then made our own versions:

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


This week we have been thinking about respect - what it looks like in the classroom, in the playground and how we show we respect ourselves. Here are some of the things we wrote:

In the classroom:
I will share my toys with my best friend. Sharing is caring.      Levi C

I will not push in the line.     Korell

I am doing a puzzle with Connor and we will take turns.      Levi G

In the playground:
I wait until my turn on the monkey bars and to go down the slide.     Chloe

Take turns at the pool to show respect coming in one at a time. We take turns at the drinking fountain to drink water.    Haze

Respect is when you take turns to kick the ball. You have to take turns to go in the pool.    Ansu

Respect is like taking turns on the slide and taking turns on the monkey bars. We take turns going down the steps into the pool.                   Mehek

Self Respect:
I do exercise because I do push ups  and then I can run fast. I drink water so I can write well.    Ember

I can run fast so I can get fit and get healthy. I drink water so my body gets better.     Shivali

I drink lots of water to keep me hydrated but if I don't drink water I will get dehydrated.     Zoe

I can brush my teeth after I have eaten lunch but I was my hands before I eat. I drink water every 3 minutes so I am hydrated.                 Alaynah