Thursday, 11 May 2017

Term 2 Week 1 Colours...

Welcome back to Term 2!

This term we will be thinking about Māori cultural values, with our main focus on Manaakitanga. This looks at respect, kindness, care and putting others before self in our daily lives. We will be learning what this looks like in practice by doing lots of different activities. 

This term we are also involved in a research project led by the University of Canterbury around how we can improve the reading and spelling outcomes of our children. The aim is to do this through focussed teaching of phonics, as well as exposure to a variety of English and Māori vocabulary.

We started by reading the story, 'Colour the Stars' by Dawn McMillan. This is about a blind boy whose friend helps him to learn about colours by describing everyday objects. 

We used the story to prompt our writing - thinking about colours and brainstorming all the things we could think of for each colour. We then described the,. Here are some of what we came up with....

Orange is like strips of oranges and it is juicy when I eat it in my mouth. I have it at school and I eat it at lunchtime - Alaynah

Yellow is the star. It is shining - Jeremiah

Brown is a box and I put cars in it. I put down the flaps - Connor

Red is hot sauce on my burger. It burns my lips and the hot sauce tingles my lips - Ember

Blue is my sun hat and I wear it in the car when it is sunny. I go to the park with my dad - Zoe

The sun is yellow when it is shining. When it is on my body it feels hot - Shivali

Brown is the leaves that are on the ground. They smell like the mud - Haze

The star is shiny at night time. The star is yellow - Neko

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