Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Term 1 Week 8 - Minibeasts that fly.....the ladybird

This week in Room 3 we have been learning about the ladybird, also known as the ladybug beetle.
We found out what they look like, what they eat and how they move, as well as some other interesting facts!
Did you know?....
* that not all ladybirds have spots? Some have stripes and some don't have any markings at all!
* that the most common ladybird has seven spots. Three on each side and one in the middle.
* that ladybirds are the colour they are to stop them from being eaten by predators. Their red or sometimes orange bodies tells predators to stay away, "I taste terrible". They can also 'play dead' to stop themselves being eaten.
* that ladybirds live in forests, cities, grasslands and alongside rivers.
* that they hibernate from autumn to spring. As the weather gets colder they hide away to sleep until the warmer weather comes again in spring.
* that ladybirds are farmers' best friends because they love to eat green fly (aphids) which otherwise would eat all the farmers' crops. One ladybird can eat up to 5000 aphids in its lifetime - yum!
* that ladybirds cannot chew up and down like us, but they have to chew from side to side.
* that ladybirds can smell with their feet and antennae!
* that as they get older, the ladybird's spots fade.....just like our hair goes grey as we get older.
* that ladybirds fly....extremely fast. They can flap their wings more than 85 times EACH second - speedy!

We used what we had learned to make ladybird fact books.

These are some examples of what we wrote:
A ladybug was in my garden and it has three legs on each side - Mehek

A ladybug has seven spots. It is red - Levi C

I am holding a ladybug. It is red and black - Ansu

Ladybirds eat greenfly. They chew from side to side - Levi G

Ladybirds eat greenfly. Farmers love them because greenfly eat plants - Connor

I like the way that it moves its legs and its wings and it moves its wings again and again. It looks like it has six spots and is it red - Alaynah

I found a ladybird in my garden. It has antennae. The ladybird looks like a beetle. It has six legs - Ember

We also finished off our minibeast masks from last week and flew into the garden to take a look. Have a peek below...

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