Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Term 1 Week 4 - Duathlon, an Author comes to school AND puppies visit Room 3!

What amazing weather we had on Tuesday! Perfect for our duathlon races. A HUGE well done to everyone for their great effort. There were lots of smiles and chatter about the events.
Thank you too to all those parents/whanau who were able to come and encourage our young athletes. It was fantastic to see such an awesome turn out.
Here are a few photos of the day - thanks to Mrs Woodford's photographic skills!

On Wednesday we had a visit from a real live author and illustrator, Stu Duval. See here for his website. He showed us how to use letters of the alphabet and numbers to make into different shapes and characters that could be used in story telling. He then told us a great story about a wee green book monster. He was very enthusiastic when telling us his stories and had our undivided attention!

As if that wasn't enough excitement for the week, Katy, Chloe's mum brought in her 3 puppies to show us. She told us all about caring for them.

Afterwards we shared our ideas and wrote this together:

Puppies eat biscuits and drink water. Puppies run and jump outside when they have had their injections. Puppies wear collars so people know where they live. They wear coats to be warm.
They bite and gnaw toys.
We need to brush puppies to keep them soft and bath them to keep them clean and smell nice.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Term 1 Week 2 - Busy, busy!

We have been super busy this week, creating family leaves (drawing and writing about them) which will be used to create a Room 3 family tree.

We also started our guided reading programme, reading with Mrs Law and our Learning Assistant, Lorraine. We will read every day Mon-Thur with one of these ladies. Please listen to us read at home each night to help us get even better at reading and return the book to school the following day so that other children can use them.

Youthtown, ( also started for us this week with their PE programme, looking at moving with control. This week we learned techniques to run even faster - chop, chop arms and high knees. Watch out Usain Bolt!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Term 1 Week 1 - getting to know you....

We started the term thinking about our names - how many letters they have, what they start and end with and what objects we could think of that begin with the same letter. We used these in our 'Name chants' - come and have a read when you are next in Room 3!

We also had a go at drawing our portraits - focusing on the shape of our faces and the position of our features.

We used whiteboards and whiteboard pens so that we could rub out the 'marker lines'. We will be using the skills learnt over the next couple of weeks when we recreate our portraits using different mediums (pencil and paint).

On Friday we got to meet our Buddy Class for the term - Room 12. As the weather was so gorgeous we went outside and practised our catching and throwing skills with our new buddies. We hope to experience many more happy times with them this year and get to know them better.